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Hi, I really enjoy the web site!  Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the cape that came with the 1950s kids Superman costume that had the 'warning' label that said something like "only Superman can fly"?

Dave, November 22, 2002

Hey, I just want to tell you that I found your site while researching information on Superman for a paper at school.  I myself am an avid fan of Last Son of Krypton.  I am also an avid comic book collector and a huge fan-boy of various super heroes.  I would like to go on record as saying that I liked the Superman Blue stuff (I know, don't hate me) until the red version came along.  I thought that was too much.

Any way, this site is absolutely awesome!  If I have anything I ever wish to know about Supes, this is where I will come.

Chuck Clemmons Lou, Kentucky, November 12, 2002

Evening Gents,

I had to take a few minutes to send this note just to say thanks for the efforts with the site, I'm still quite new to the web and having a good time trawling through the various sites dedicated to the MOS, I've just spent several hours taking yours in, what can I say that you won't have probably heard a thousand times before, entertaining, informative and fun, what more can anyone want, now that the fawning part is done I'll be on my wicked way.

All the best, as the little known Austrian guy says "I'll Be Back" (often)

Pete Devaney, Fife, Scotland, 6 November, 2002

Superman is a great icon and means a lot to me and to a lot of people.  I'm glad he is here...

Brolin, October 29, 2002

hi super man i love u so much can u come and visit us i am 6. ur movies are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i love u

daniel, October 20, 2002

You ever notice that in Superman Comics there have been beoucoups of LLs.  What about in movier and TV?  For instance, Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates, from the original series.  Christopher Reeve, who was on the soap "Love of Life".  Mark Pillow, who played Nuclear Man.  Lacy Warfield both from Superman IV.  Jack O'Halloran, who played Non from Superman II.  How about the series Lois and Clark , another title with 2 LLs, Michael Landes, who was the 1st Jimmy Olsen, Lucky Leon, and Leslie Luckabee.  How about the Toymen, Winslow Percival Schott and Leonard Kripsley.  On another LL show, Smallville, Lex's dad is named Lionel Luthor, Allison Mack, who plays Chloe Sullivan.  Robert Rockwell, who played Jor El in the original pilot, Johnny Rockwell, the one shot Superboy?  Charles Quigley, who played the goon Driller in the serial, Lyle Talbot, the 1st Lex Luthor.  Lee Quigley, who played baby Kal El.  By the way, some of these were from Superman 204.

Bateman Stilley, October 11, 2002

It's such a shame that DC pulled the plug on Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" stuff.  The Kirby take on Superman has always facinated me and I've often wondered where it would have gone.  Kirby was, I think, the first writer to emphasise Superman's alienation and lonliness, this coupled with one of Kirby's favourite themes-"gods on earth" had great potential to develop into some classic comic books, but sadly these weren't to be.

Of all of Kirby's DC stuff one of my favourite comic has to be his stint on Jimmy Olsen. A brilliant example of Jack's imagination at work - to take a moribund title like J.O. and run with it. The DNAliens, the Newsboy Legion, Brigadoom, Angry Charlie, the Guardian, the Four-Armed Terror, Dabney Donovan and Transilvane and more. All great stuff in the space of a dozen issues - not to forget Don Rickles!

To close, in the long and illustrious career of The Man of Steel no writer/ artist has ever promised so much and been allowed to deliver so little.

Pete Knifton, October 10, 2002

Hi Guys,
great site!
As a matter of interest, I visited the Pinewood set of Superman 1 and 2 back in 1977. Being a guest of production designer John Barry, I got to tour the various sets - and had the thrill of Superman flying over my head on the moon surface!


Anyway, Chris Reeve signed a copy of one of my Superman comics, with the statement 'the first autograph I ever signed as Superman'.

Nice guy, and when I met him again in '79 at the Brighton WorldCon he not only remembered me, he posed for pictures with me and autographed my Mad issue with the Superman take-off in it, and a film book as well. I enclose a picture of the film book complete with autograph.

It's wonderful to hear of the improvement in his condition. A hero on the screen, a hero in real life. An inspiration to us all.

As you can imagine, I have a huge personal interest in those first two films, but I was a fan of the comics first, and still am, even at the advanced age of 46. Your site is a worthy tribute to the first and greatest Superhero.

Thanks all,
John Sinclair,
Cardiff, Wales, UK
September 17, 2002

I am fourteen years old and just recently getting into the wonderful world of SUPERMAN!  I also just recently discovered this site and I haven't been able to tear myself away from it.  This is one of the most elaborate and dedicated websites I have ever seen commited to one subject.  Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the top site on my list.

Anna, September 16, 2002

Your site has been a great boost to me.  I really enjoyed reading the early superman stories.  Admittedly, I like the newer ones a lot less.  I especially became discouraged when Superman became a so-called dark figure.

The earlier, much more whimsical stories are lots of fun to read.  I am hoping you may be able to find more early publications to put online.  I am not well-to-do, and so cannot afford to collect actual hard-copies.

Do you know of other websites where there are legitimate online comic-books, including even, perhaps, other old publisher's materials and early fantasy sci-fi?

I remember an old comic where this egg hatches into this powerful, grotesque creature who is intent on conquering the world.  In the final frames, a scientist is washing off the microscope slide on which that monster lived...

Thanks for making these magazines available!

Vince Summers, September 12, 2002

I have The Great Superman Movie Book (1978) and a full-color Superman pull-out poster. I was wondering what these items are worth? They are in good condition.

Jim, August 25, 2002

After so many years of loving Superman, I've decided to start a Superman scrap book!

SuperRose, July 20, 2002

Hey you guys!!!!!!!!  I think this web site is off the hook!!!!!!!!!  I definitely appreciate all the work you all put for our one and only Superman.  I've been a fan since as long as I can remember and I still am.  I told all my friends about this web site.  So keep up the good work!

Christianne, July 2, 2002

Yo whats up!?

I really enjoyed checking out your site.  I thought I knew a lot about that alien but I was pleasantly suprised at how much I didn't!  There were so many interesting things to learn from your site, plus it was very well designed and fast.


KOTI  (23, Orlando, FL), June 20, 2002

My name is Larry.  I was born in Los Angeles but am now living in Texas.  I have been a legitimate Superman freak my entire life - I can never remember a time when I wasn't.

I have to say that this web page is the best Superman page I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot.

This is definitely a Krypton on Earth!

Larry Williams, June 18, 2002

I was born in Metropolis, Illinois and am living overseas in Germany.  I just moved and found my old Comics from Superman dated back to March No; 235, 1971.  I have fun reading them with my son like I did for 30 years.

May 31, 2002

Your site is great!  I read all the Superman (Lois Lane, Action, et cet) comics as a child.  They helped me through childhood.  Unfortunately, I sold them 30 years ago so I can't reread them I know you have some of the stories on line.  Do you have all of them or is there a site you can recommend?

Thanks, Jon

May 23, 2002

Jon, aside from the comic at Adventures Continue, we don't know of any other sites with online Superman comics.  But if you find any please let us know!

Hey, keep up the good work!  This is a great place for Superfans to learn more and see pictures of SUPERMAN!  He's awesome and I think that this is a great place dedicated to our Supe!


April 28, 2002

Thanks very much Lina, and thanks for writing in!

Hey Guys!
Gotta say I love your site and adore Superman.  It was probably the most unique show ever created!  My dad loves it and so I've always watched it, but I only recently appreciated how great it is.  Keep up the good work on the site,
Sara. (16, California)

February 25, 2002

Noticed how close the original origin of Superman here is to the Superman movie one and the animated one.  I think all the rewrites and retreads and rethinking that the comics have done basically distracted from a fine first draft written and drawn by the creators. I don't want to sound like a slobbering fan boy, that first is always best or nothing, but somehow the one presented here in Superman comes to Earth, plus the two filmed ones, just beats any of the later comics book origins for the character, and that certainly includes the Post Crisis One by John Big Ego Byrne.  I certainly love the Superman Jor-El, jumping and doing heroic things.  Kind of makes you wonder why the whole El family didn't come to Earth.  Jor-El.  Lara-El and Kal-El could really been comics first Superman Family if that happened.  Sorry, if you like those other origins, I just don't agree.

Joseph Gilbert Thompson
February 14, 2002

This Site is great!  I hope there are more sites to view stories and films, etc.

Peter Wackett
January 26, 2002

There's at least one more, right here

Is the theme park under construction and if yes, when will it be completed?

donald walters
January 11, 2002

Construction on the Theme Park has not yet started - Financiers are currently waiting for final approval from DC Comics before they can begin.  Be sure to visit the official site for more details!

Greeting fellow Kryptonians or should I say SiegELs?! ;)

Although I did have an Uncle Jerry -- he wasn't the -- but I've been a long time fan as long as I can remember.  Thanks to Superboy's Memory Restorer -- maybe even more.  My late Mom got me hooked on the comics and I learned to read from them.  I eventually became an illustartor/cartoonist/writer although not for the Family of Steel (sob-choke) and am now a filmmaker scratching out a living in the indie film community as a cinematographer.  I learned a heckuva lot about low budget filming from those old TV shows than I ever did from the Ed Wood wanna-bes I work for.

Still exploring your site which I discovered today.  Read and downloaded the entire Luthor-Brainiac saga earlier this AM.  I had been tracing the cover (which wasn't reproduced here) back in 3rd grade when the teacher decided to Jimmy Olsen me and teach me a lesson by ripping the thing to shreds!  That's the only thing I remember about her now whilst I still have Kandorian Vengeance.

BTW I absolutely agree.  The post-crisis and Byrne-ization of Kal just ain't Superman!  It says it on the covers but it just aint worth buying or reading-- at least not for me!  I had all my Superman-DC comics for years but was forced to sell them in the late 70s in order to eat.  They went by the box full then ---grrrrrrrr arrrrrrrgh!

But recently I was given this 8th level Computo recently -- a little slow and somewhat spastic when exploring the weird world of the web, but living here in the real world Metroplolis Prime of New York City it's nice to know that the classic Superman family and Krypto too have not been forgotten.  Ah, Curt Swan, we hardly knew ye ...

In the past few weeks since my online service, parent companty of DC and the rest of 80% of all media nidustries (who shall not be named but THEY know who they are), got upgraded with a little FLASH (fastest man alive --NOT!) I've been able to meet up with the Silver Age Legion of Super Heroes site , a real life Linda Danvers and her Supergirl club, the notorious James B. Olsen at his site and now --Rao!  At Last!

The Fortress of Solitude -- home of the REAL Man of Steel.  BTW F.O.S. is my pet name for my apartment over looking NY harbor and the skyline distant.  I look forwarding to reading more of your on-line comix (just wish my download was as fast as Kal!) and fan-fic and more Kryptonians that escaped Mort Weisinger's editorial chains than there are in all of Kandor!  If you fellow SiegEL's want to chat abit more, don't hesitate to e-mail me back at my Fortress.  They don't call it "..of Solitude" for nothing! ;) Til then ...Up, Up and Away!

Richard SamuEL SiegEL (double ELs- haw!)
January 5, 2002

Hey Richard, that's a great letter!  Thanks very much for writing in!  Where are those other web sites that you mention?

Regarding the Luthor and Brainiac story, is this the cover that you're referring to?

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