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Guest Book Entries from Sep-Dec 1999!


I have been a long standing fan of Superman ever since my Uncle Bob introduced Superman comics to me in 1958, at only four years old.  As we approach the millennium and find most children in our society having few heroes to look up to, Superman, with his morals and virtues, is one hero that should be their symbol of righteousness and good.  My oldest son is as much a fan as I, and even with the onslaught of Pokemon and the like, he still will not take down his Superman posters off his wall.

Thanks for a great web site.  I hope to use your site as a link to mine when I create my "English Teacher's Web Site" the summer of 2000.

- Robert Zogby, December 24, 1999

This website keeps getting better by the moment. I am writing to defend the current Superman writers like John Bryne and Dan Jurgens. People have to understand that stories have to be up to date and with the times. There is nothing wrong with campy stories, but today's comic book fans want realism. In no way am I disrespecting the past writers, but lets' face it. You have to make the stories realistic. Some of the past stories have been campy and there is a need to tell Superman from a fresh perspective and how his presence both good and bad affects people and DC has done a good job at that. Example: The Dominus storyline where Superman becomes a super dictator and a 2 part story where it dealt with Domestic Violence.

I would suggest you read the current Superman books. They have a new creative team of artists and writers. Check out Superman written by Jeph Loeb. I have personally read it and 2 thumbs up. There is nothing wrong with past incarnations, but give the current one a try. Okay DC hasn't done its job in interpeting Superman correctly, but you have to give them credit for trying to please the Superman fans. Check out the current books if you haven't read them yet.

As for the current animated series, its' excellent and more faithful to Siegel and Shuster's version than the previous animated interpetations with the exception of the Flescher animated verison.

- Gregory McNeill, December 6, 1999

Superman is.... very cool. My life. Yeah, super.

- SuperAbby, November 26, 1999

Hi!  I'm Daniel and am 6 years old.  I like Superman and had my dad wrote this for me.  I was good this week and earned some time on the computer.  I like all of this stuff.  My brother Dylan says hi to everyone too.

- Daniel, November 25, 1999

I grew up in the fifties watching superman.  It was such a great show, far better than any of the new ones have been.

- Linda Crawford, November 18, 1999

Hello I'm Joe and I am 7 years old. I love Superman.

- Joe, November 18, 1999

OH MY GOD, PLEASURE OVERLOAD!  I just found this site and bookmarked it immediately!  I am a big superman fan and collect all I can get my hands on (if I can afford it)!  You can bet that I will be returning often to this awesome site, there is so much to explore!  Thanks for putting a place where people can come to get away from it all, the fortress!

- Joe Keast, November 15, 1999

Please don't forget the radio version of Superman.  It set the standard for the Superman that we know.  The radio series introduced Jimmy Olsen, Inspector Henderson as well as The Man of Steel's weakness for Kryptonite.

Otherwise, great site.


Bowie, MD

- Gary, November 12, 1999

I remember when I was little, I always used to watch superman.  It was one of my most favourite shows.  We only had 3 channels so once something got old they took it off and put something new on.  I miss that show.  Christopher Reeve is my favourite actor.  In Alberta before we moved a month ago to Nova Scotia, I had horses.  A beautiful Palimeno and a minature paint.  But we had to sell them.  I know what it's like to lose something that you love very much but that doesn't stop me from dreaming.

Great Site= :)  Keep up the good work!

- Stephanie, Age 16  November 9, 1999

Thank you very much Stephanie!

Dear fortress,
This is really a cool site. I have my page linked to this site.
Gymbuddy Walt

- Walt, October 28, 1999

Thank you Walt, and we're very glad you like the site!

Folks, thanks oh so much for keeping the flame burning for the Real Superman/men.  I agree wholeheartedly and totally with your comments on the Steel Age page.  This pseudo-Supes we have today is not even close to what the character really is.  DC has shown no compunctions about erasing decades and decades of history.. to come to what?  An angst-ridden murderous slightly-better-than-averageman who punches and kicks his way through the stories he appears, always followed by a tortured thought balloon.  It would be a simple matter to retcon all the recent bad stuff away in one swell foop, but even the people still alive who made him great are now shunned by DC: Maggin, Moore, et al; and by God it took sixty years(!) for the Siegels to ever get properly compensated & only then in a courtroom.

Rest in peace Kara, Krypto, and Superboy too.  Truth, Justice, and the American Way are never out of style.

Thanks again!

- Jerry Bookter, October 21, 1999

You're welcome, Jerry, and thanks for writing!

you should see about sending someone up here to Iqaluit Nunavut maybe for christmas who knows you might find a great storyline for the superman comics or even get more superman fans up here! we are having a youth conference here in the summer maybe have superman ,supergirl, superboy, steel,e radicator, and supershamou meet as guest speakers adressing youth problems in canada's arctic like sniffing, drugs, and abusive problems when I find out the exact date I will let you know!

- polarman, October 12, 1999

i really like all that i have seen, i have been a fan for 30 years.

- Allen Walker, October 7, 1999

This is a really cool web site and it's really special to see my old teacher (Elliot S! Maggin) in there - I'm glad he accomplished writing all these novels and books and I hope he keeps up the Good Work!  Good luck and may all his wishes and dreams come true =)P

- candie, 26 Sep 1999

Do you know any way I can get in touch with Sean Lowther, the son of George Lowther?  I tried eMail and got no answer.  I was in a used book store the other day and purchased a copy of the first Superman novel from 1942.  I thought that maybe he could help me with the interpretation of the inscription written by his father on the 1st page of the book.  Thanks a ton.

Dan Ouding

- Dan Ouding, 26 Sep 1999

To the Proud Purveyor's of this our Greatest Modern Mythos:  Thanks.  I think you are doing a bang-up job keeping the burning flame high so as to light the way for those who follow.  Superman has been through many things and it is good to see that there is a place where his enormous history can be accessed and acclimated.  Truth will never die as long as the Big Red "S" has a place to hang his cape.  Once more thanks and hope to see the Fortress standing for many moons to come.

- Ryan Buck, 25 Sep 1999

This website appeals, it would seem, to a broad audience base: from kids full of wonder, to teen-agers and young adults not sure what to make of the world to to elder philosophers who see the Man of Steel as a figure by which we can learn something of ourselves as human beings and as a guide who points us toward a better humanity.  I am of the latter.

Superman has had an undeniable impact on our world - not as a manufactured product, but as a developing icon that formed gradually in the mixed hands of not just his writers and artists, but the public, who discovered in him the ultimate of humanity.  He is "SUPER MAN."  Neither syllable can be denied him.  From him we learn that no matter what talents and abilities we have they are for naught if they are not used for the good of your fellows.  This is a matter that is not of our nature.  Human nature dictates that we protect and care for our clan alone so that our seed might be spread far and wide.  To heck with everyone else.  Superman shows us that our nature is NOT good enough.

As Superman, who from childhood developed "powers far beyond those of mortal men", he stands singly above us by nature.  Therefore, if he follows his nature, he must be indifferent, if not even malevolent, toward humanity, for they are not kin.  Why should he care?

I direct you to Clark Kent.  The other half of our hero.  While Superman flies, fights, and saves, the young, timid man, raised by farm-folk, walks, talks, and watches.  Years of training and denial are required.  Compassion does not come easy.

From his earliest years, in order to fit in with those around him, he had to suppress the major part of himself, the being that could create or destroy at will.  Had he not, understanding for the inhabitants of Earth would never have formed in his personality.  He would not have had to.

His choice: Be alone or join them all.  As the most powerful being in his world, he must balance himself off by also being the meekest of them all.

Young people often take things for granted: "Of course Superman does good. That's the whole point!" To those with such an attitude, I encourage you to think upon what I have written.  WHY does he exist?  WHY, as a character, is he the way he is?  WHY is he compassionate?

It is easy to say you should do good things, but it is much more difficult to ask: WHY should you do good things?

Embrace the role of Clark Kent, look down on no one, care for all and you will truly be a Superman.

Thank you,

- Sol, 25 Sep 1999

This site is the BEST superman site on the internet!  There is so much information on the history of him.  If I could add one thing to this site, it would be to have a page dedicated to George Reeves.  Just about who he is and what his life was like.  But aside from that, YOU GUYS AND SUPERMAN RULE!!!!!!!!!!

- Jonathan, 24 Sep 1999

Thanks, Jonathan!  We hope to have a George Reeves page someday, but in the meantime we have a page on his TV series and be sure to visit The Adventures Continue, a web tribute to George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman!

I love Joey Fatone

- Katie, 24 Sep 1999

(no comments)
- ALLAH, 23 Sep 1999

Hi gang,

Finally, Siegel and Shuster get vindication and DC will get its come uppance!  Even if it's through their heirs, I don't mind them publishing independent stories which are true to the Superman credo.  Maybe Alan Moore, Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (whose latest Krypto story should see print, I hope, I hope, I hope), Marty Pasko and the Bronze age discards should see the Siegels and go about reviving Superman to his rightful place in the comics and the hearts and minds of our jaded readers.  What we need is that kind of justice that the Siegels are demanding.  DC, eat yer heart out!  Byrne, Jurgens and ad nauseam, to the Phantom zone with ya!  This is the best news in comics I've heard in a long time.  Now if only we had a real Supes to fight for the oppressed, like the Kosovars and the East Timorese.

We need inspiration, hope, optimism, courage, moral fortitude and humor in the comics.  We need Superman, more than ever.  I hope that the Siegels can get some independent publishing done and I hope that Moore, et al (even Mark Waid and Grant Morrison should send their rejected draft to the Siegels) will follow.  Now that's more exciting than waiting for next month's nauseous re-boot of a John Byrne hackneyed hero.  Justice will be served!  UP, UP, and AWAY!!

- Romarico Galvez, 22 Sep 1999

You paint a pretty amazing scenario, Romarico - the mind boggles at the concept of an all new Siegel Productions...

Hi I'm Ian and I've been a fan of superman from the day I was born onto this planet. Really I'm from Krypton and have SUPERMAN strengths that have been disabled because I was grounded. My walls are covered with SUPERMAN stuff and It would be fun if you would e-mail if you are a SUPERMAN fan to ianpetersen at hotmail.

- Ian Petersen, 19 Sep 1999

I have been a Superman fan as long as I can remember.  I remember watching him on our huge B & W Zenith T.V. in the late 50's and reading him in all the comic books I could get my hands on!  (How I wish I still had those books!!!)  I continued reading him into the 60's and early 70's.  I started reading him again in the early 90's.  Imagine my surprise!  What had happened to my hero?  Who were all these new people, and why wasn't Clark working at the Planet???  Well your website has helped fill in the gaps.  This is the finest Superman site I have come across to date!  I have bookmarked it so I can come back and enjoy it over and over again.  Keep up the good work!

- Bob Connor, 15 Sep 1999

Thanks, Bob! We're very glad you like the site, but even more glad that you like Superman!

Superman is so so AWESOME!  He is like the flyest comic that ever existed.  He is so hype.  Superman has became more popular to kids, teenagers, and adults all over the world.  That is ONE BAD MAN!

- Sasha Lilly, 15 Sep 1999

Great site. In case you're interested, someone at Ebay is selling a set of blueprints that were used to build some of the sets from the first Superman. I didn't know such things were ever published. If you want to see for yourself, go to Ebay, and enter the term "Blueprints" in the Search box. I too thought of doing something similar, as far as doing a complete history of Superman. I enjoyed the tv show as a kid, and I enjoy the current animated show. I also like the first movie, the rest seemed to lack something as they went on. I shudder when I hear that a new movie is being planned, with Nicholas Cage of all people as the lead. What are they thinking??? Of course Tim Burton would have to be behind it all. Didn't he do enough damage with Batman? Oh well, let's hope smarter heads prevail.

Keep up the good work.

- j, 13 Sep 1999

I love all the Superman movies, not really into comics, have the whole Superman outfit, have a big "S" decal on the back of my car, and of course I have the tatoo on my arm... so I guess I'm obssesed!

- Trevor Purdin, 12 Sep 1999

Sirs, Wanted to send you xeroxes of some of my fan art of Superman but couldn't e-mail you 'till I found your 'FANS' and guestbook section. My web tv won't allow me to send graphics via the web... so, IF you want more fan give me your snail mail address so I can send you these. I understand if you don't as you may wonder if I'm DC/WB. I guess WB owns DC as they pretty much tell DC what to do from what I gather. My drawings may NOT be great but are INTERESTING. You have the BEST, most FUN Sman site along w Vartox's Actors in S costumes site!! Glad I found it!

- Larry, 11 Sep 1999

I collect all kinds of comics including Superman.  I used to have some very old Superman comics but I do not know where they are.

- Milton E. Sears Jr., 9 Sep 1999

Hello there, I gotta say that this website really rocks.  It has told me more about the greatest comic character Superman than anything else.  He and Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon are my favorites and I can't wait till I read those 2 crossovers.  Well, keep up the good work.  I'll be dropping in from time to time.

- George Covert, Jr., 4 Sep 1999

Thanks, George!  We hope to see you again!

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