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Guest Book !

Guest Book Entries from 2000!


Thank you for letting me sign

- Chris Patton, December 26, 2000

If Kal-El really exist in the real world, you would make him proud to live on the same Earth. Keep up the Superman size work job. I hope I didn't do a Lex on you with these Mr. Myzptlk's bad puns, but Superman size person such as yourself wouldn't mind it as much as trying the guess when Peter David or someesele refixes Supergirl's origin.

Ok! I had idea to the next age, if the follow happens... Supergirl learn that Zor-El did the same thing as Jor-El, but make her thought she human, and then he removes the level controlers in her power, but she for a while as the same powers that Superman stated of in Man of Steel. Lex has a nice 2 year in the Oval Officer, before his company and his life take a torrow. Some replaces the Kryptonite in Mettalo's body.  How about Coal Age? It's a mineral, that you make dimional out of it, but still a little bit of brownish to it.

Dr. Thinker

- Dr. Thinker, December 21, 2000

Hi.  Congrats on the nice Superman website.  Here's a strange question for you Superman fans: In Perry White's office there is a large picture behind his desk that portrays a factory or other industrial setting.  Does anyone know anything about this picture?  Was it made for the show or is it an actual painting?  Does anyone have a name of the picture or name of the artist who was responsible for it?  Thanks.

- AI, December 18, 2000

Good question!  It sounds like the kind of query that Jim Nolt may be able to help with!

What a great site!  I just finished reading Roger Stern's "The Death and Life of Superman" paperback (not graphic) novelization of the 1992-1993 "Death of Superman" comic book storyline which I had heard about but never read.  That prompted me to do a web search which led me here.

I am 47 & grew up on the "Silver Age" Superman.  But, as an outraged traditionalist, I stopped reading him in the early 70's when D.C. started to make all the changes, "Sandman" storyline, etc. none of which I ever cared for.

I thought the first two Superman movies were OK, though the "purist" in me had a couple of quibbles.  The Lois & Clark TV series was good but limitations of TV budgets limited what Superman could do.  He really is more suited to animation or radio than TV or a movie.  Remember Steve Allan's "Let's See Television Do This" radio skit about turning Lake Erie into a giant ice cream sundae?

I enjoyed reading up on the history of Superman over the past three decades to catch up on what I had missed.  The only thing that I had read about Superman was that X-rated underground essay about the super-problems associated with his sex life that came out in the 80's.

Anyway, this is a site truly worthy of its inspiration, the greatest ever creation in the pantheon of superheroes!

- Bob Mozark, December 16, 2000

Thanks for the kind words, Bob, we're very glad you like the site!  Yes, I certainly remember the "Lets see television do this" radio skit, but I had always thought that it was Stan Freberg who did that one.

You certainly missed out on a lot of stuff!  It's fascinating to hear from someone who stopped reading the Superman comics in the 1970s in response to the new direction - it's remarkably like those fans who grew up on the 1970s books, but later stopped reading them because they disliked the 1986 revamp!

Not a bad site at all.  I like the content and the quickness. And well, I just love Superman.  And Kudos to all of you who feel the same way about this man.

Steve Blanda

PS: I don't like people to call us Superman "freaks"... I'm not a freak, just misdirected.

- Steve Blanda, December 10, 2000

I have to admit...I'm pretty impressed. I'm normally disappointed by the lack of pics (or the quality of 'em), but you've given me new hope.  Keep up the great work.  When I FINALLY get my page up I'll let you know.

- Paul Wells, November 28, 2000

Thanks, Paul, and good luck with your web page!

Hey, what's going on i am doing a paper on Superman and i am having a hard time finding books on Superman if you know of any e-mail me at D420souls at aol.

- D420souls, November 18, 2000

hey! this is a really cool site. i wasn't big on superman until i went out with a superman freak. i was looking for a superman toothbrush for him but oh, well!

- Tiffany williams, November 7, 2000

The son of man, or super man, has finally come out of his home from up north.  This goes out to all the people who still believe in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Dalat, October 31, 2000

Thanks for the great site. I'm going to save it in favorites. I enjoyed the encyclopedia and cover pictures of old comics. I was born in Chicago in 1948 and had pretty big comic collection in the 50's and 60's. I used to read and trade DC comics with my friends even through high school so my collection grew -- unfortunately they all somehow got tossed with my baseball cards etc after I left the house for college at NIU -- anyhow I was a big fan of Superman's. Other super heroes just weren't as well rounded and didn't resonate with me so much. Your site brought back lots of good memories. Thanks again. Keep up great work.

- Dewey Chiesl, Minneapolis, MN, October 12, 2000

Dear Great Rao:

Since 1964 (age 5), I have always been a fan of the Man of Steel.  He has always projected the vision of strength and character that every boy in the 1960s has always wanted to be growing up in that decade.  Now as a 41 year old adult I still believe in the concepts that Kal-El, a.k.a Superman, has always projected: Truth, Justice and the American Way.  I am now a father of a (6) month old, and hope I can instill the love I have for DC Universe into him by the time is a young man.  Thank you for a continuing lifetime of comicbook thrills.


- Jim Doumouras, September 21, 2000  (nb. 2010 follow-up)

I'm normally a bigger fan of Batman, but I needed to do a project on comic books of the 1930s and your website was one of the best ones I found on cool comic book heroes.  Thanks and the keep up the awesome work.

- Deborah, May 14, 2000


Scientists have discovered the secret location of Krypto's Doghouse of Solitude!!

To get a view of the asteroid, click on the link below:

- Romarico Galvez, May 7, 2000


- IXAT33, April 29, 2000

I love Superman, the movie.  It has to be the greatest and my favorite movie ever, I think.  I remember watching the rescuing and all, it gives me chills, it was so well done.  Christopher Reeve was just right for the role - for as we know he IS a super man!

I want him to know his fans will always love him.  Superman is like the perfect guy- honest, daringly handsome, and good.  The movie reminds me a lot of God and Creation, etc.  I love this and it will never grow old!

- Rosemary J Amrhein, April 6, 2000

Out of a boatload, this is the best, most complete and most interesting Superman site I have seen. I'm adding it to the web collection at our Golden Agers site. Just want to say I appreciate all the care and effort that must have been expended to make the Fortress such an excellent place to visit.

Take Care.

- Jon Glade, March 30, 2000

Thanks for the kind words, Jon - glad you like the site!  Many people have spent a lot of time working on it, and it's great to see their efforts appreciated!

This is Carol Houghtaling.  And I just wanted to say that this site is the greatest!  I was looking for something for my young kids to get into on the web, and I found myself just as interested as they were.  It's great!  Thank you!

- Carol Houghtaling, March 26, 2000

You're welcome, Carol.  We're very glad that we could help out!

Hi!  Superman rules!  I think that only cool people who worship Superman should be able to eat and everyone else should have to starve!!!!  And, also, we should all get kryptonite!!!


- BoogarT12, March 24, 2000

Thanx for the Origin of Superman by Swanderson!  It was the first time I have seen it in color.  I am with Romarico Galvez with seeing "Superman 2001."

- Lee Presson, March 11, 2000

Wow!!!  Thanks much!!!  I just tonight downloaded the Superman wallpaper presented by David Morefield.  It is gorgeous.  Neal Adams has always been a favorite of mine and this image of Superman is inspiring.  Turning on my PC will be a lot more fun now.

- Richard, March 10, 2000

Happy birthday, Superman!  Wow, he's made it to the year 2000.  So, howzabout posting "Superman 2001" (from Superman #300 written by Elliot and Cary) on your site to celebrate the occasion?

- Romarico Galvez, February 29, 2000

Great idea - but shouldn't we wait until 2001?  :-)

The older verison of the man of steel stood for justice and fair play.  Too bad it is not around as it used to be.

- Salvatore Drago, February 26, 2000


- JORDAN71, January 29, 2000


This is Ed, I've been a huge fan of Superman since I was at least 4 yrs old (I'm 42 now).  My mother bought the books (she is a fan too) and read them to me, and even used them to teach me to read.  Mom never thru out those books.  This is a great site guys.  Keep it up!

- Ed Muniz, January 29, 2000

Thanks, Ed - we plan to!

this is mike mobily one of the biggest fans of superman.  I have everything of superman even a tattoo.  the only thing i don't have is socks and bed sheets.

- mike mobily, January 25, 2000

Hey.  I had to do some research on Christopher Reeve for my 8 minute oratory on resilience (bouncing back) and this site helped me out a lot!  You really put a lot of work into this site and it shows.  Thank you for all the useful information!!

- Kenny Bullock, January 19, 2000

You're very welcome, Kenny - we hope your talk went well! 

I just read "MARTHA'S STORY" and found the same feelings I had after reading about how very young Clark became Superboy (by Sam Hawkins).  It's great that he is such a fan of the Earth-1's counterpart because he is able to show the realism that fans want from today's stories mixed with the feelings of what was true to that "version" of the character. (Superboy's Legion friends was a great touch.)

I started with the 1950's TV show and went to the comics, but I was disappointed with the comics because they were 3 stories of "here's a problem, figure out a solution, take care of the complication, then fix the problem". There was no real continuity. There were other problems as well, like inconsistencies - Lois and Jimmy would act the same way going after a story, but Lois was thought less of, while nothing was said about how Jimmy would be just as dumb. These touches made a negative difference.

Superboy would have some better stories in Adventure or Superboy than Superman many times had in Action or Superman. That changed with "Superman under a Green (?) Sun". The story had Superman referring to other heroes he knew in the JLA for inspiration, better continuity than I had seen in a while, and a full book-length story with more impact. Full length stories were so rare, I was amazed to see them at all.

Superman/Clark grew a little over the years, but most of the times, the readers were learning more about how he did things that were now standard operating procedure (like scanning a world's libraries for its history and cultural info before going on it) than about the person himself.

On Gene London's Cartoon Corners in the early 60's, I saw my first Superman cartoon of the 1940's.  WWWhhheeww. Same decade, I also saw a continued cartoon series that had both man and boy - with Krypto (!) in it. The radio series started to get exposure and so did the play. The character was receiving respect from more than just readers.

Those are the things that made the character more than just a  product ... and why I still collect today, despite the seventies and stories like His Body Grew Too Big For His Mind To Control.

Now, more care is being given to Clark's background and insight into why he is the person he has become. The recent Doomsday Wars storyline showed how he felt guilty about not doing a better job of taking care of farm responsibilities, the total loss of the herd, his bitterness, and then his shock in seeing how Smallville's people helped in the "American Way" by giving assist to his family when it was needed so much. Once he got super-powers, well, payback can be a blessing.

Tastes go through cycles, times change, but the core of who and why Clark stays as he does still reaches people and still makes ripple effects. In short, he 's able to help make a difference in real life... pretty good for a fictional being on this Earth.

- David Lomazoff, January 15, 2000

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