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Guest Book !

Guest Book Entries from 2001!


This is a great site!  I was not much of a comic book reader as a kid, so I only know Superman from the movies and TV series.  I came to your site to find a picture of Superman to make a Halloween costume, but I spent several hours pouring through the material.  I'm off to the comic shop tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.

Brad Bardua
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
October 25, 2001

my name is ken resse and superman verse doomsday 1-4 is the illest

- ken resse, October 22, 2001

I'm actually a big fan, in fact my only son's name is KAL-EL, I actually have his birth certificate to prove it.

- jor-el (kenneth), October 17, 2001

Every subject that might interest a person on the web ought to have a site as thorough, detailed, loving, addictive and informative as your site.  Truly a masterpiece, I have wasted the better part of 3 whole days pouring over this site, though "wasted" is the wrong term, more like "lavished".... you will deserve a good portion of credit in assisting me in swaying my wife's opinion if she does indeed let me name our impending child Kal-El if it's a boy (OK, actually "Kyle", but I've already established "Kal-El" as the family use nickname)

- Mark Poutenis, in the shadow of the once and future great Metropolis, NYC, September 25, 2001

Thanks very much for writing, Mark!  Glad you like the site and it's great that we could be of some service!

I just wanted to say right on.  I was looking for a picture of Superman holding the American flag to put on my own website in dedication to the victims in New York 9-11-01.  I went to your page and right in front of me was the perfect picture with the words, Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  And I said to myself, "YES! That's what it's all about."  Right on the money.

So thank you.  Your page is awesome.  If you'd like to see my web page, please do.
A fan,

Jerad, September 16, 2001


You have a most remarkable and absolutely wonderful site here I spend HOURS looking at it....  It's splendid!!!!!!!!...  Keep up the wonderful work!

Best wishes

Michael H. LaMarche, September 2, 2001

I met Curt Swan in Toronto not that long ago. If I ever really loved a man besides my father, Curt is the one. I'm surprised that there is so much for me to read about him on the net but he deserves it. I feel very sad that he has passed.

I'm glad that I typed his name into a search engine but I will research everything in detail tomorrow.

David MacPhee, August 23, 2001

I just started reading comics back in May. I think Superman is the greatest character ever and I've already managed to spend over $300 in comic books.

aubstheking, August 1, 2001

Hello. First of all let me say what a wonderful, informative and entertaining site you have created- keep up the good work!

I write in the hope that you might be able to fill in some gaps for me. I have been a Superman fan for as long as I can remember and I have many fond memories of the excitement and awe I felt when my parents would buy me the comics. One of my earliest memory of one of those Superman comics that was given to me was an issue that featured Clark Kent on the cover, changing into Superman in a burning telephone box. It must have been around the very late seventies or early eighties. If this rings a bell for you and you know what issue it was, it would mean a lot to me to know Even better (if at all possible) could you e-mail me a scan of the cover if you have it.

Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated.

I look foward to hearing from you.

Gerard- a sentimental fool who wishes to re-live his childhood.


July 13, 2001

Great site!  I was especially pleased with the scan of the World's Fair poster depicting Superman.  Is a copy of this poster yet available?  If not, I am sure you could sell a bundle, starting with me.  Again thank you for the hard work that has gone into this site.

- Bill, July 13, 2001

hi - this is mike - and i wanted to say that i love the site - and although as a youngster i hated wayne boring's art & loved curt swan's, i have come to appreciate them both, as well as all the other artists.  i've long wondered what happened to cary bates & elliot S! maggin - who could forget them guest starring in the JLA/JSA team up in the late 70s?  i was wondering if anyone else remembers a superman story from the 1960s (?) where he left earth for a while & went to a planet with a red sun?  he ended up making a superman robot to defend that planet (the second part of the story was titled "new life, new love, new danger).  i was surprised that story didn't get mentioned, as it dealt with a number of the "too powerful" and split personality issues.
anyway - great site, lots of great memories, and i enjoyed my visit.  see you again.

- mike, July 11, 2001

I really enjoy your site and have been coming to it for years now. My question is why do you seem to ignore the death of superman in your your comics section. You just now added the "Superman in the Nineties" and thought since the decade was now over you would do a complete overveiw, but you didn't. Why not? I mean you in no way acknowledge "The Death of Superman" "Funral for a Friend" and the "Reign of The Supermen" . I know there were times I tried to forget the whole thing happened but it seems to me that you left out an important part of the story there.

- paul saliba, July 9, 2001

Love your site.  It's especially great to be able to download the Fleischer cartoons to my hard drive.  One question.  Will you eventually be including all these cartoons?  I noticed that none of those dealing with W.W.II were included.  I know that some pc inclined folks don't like period pieces that portray the Germans and the Japanese of the era as bad guys, but I'm hoping that isn't the reason for this site not including them.  Some of the best of these cartoons are missing from your site.  "Jungle Drums"; "Eleventh Hour"; and "Secret Agent" for example.

- Alan Glick

There are a number of reasons that we don't include the episodes you mention, Alan - one of which is that we don't have them in MPEG format!  For those that wish to see them, however, they are available on DVD and VHS.

just so you know...
Superman Day at the New York World's Fair was not 1939, but July 3, 1940.  This was the first day that the admission price was reduced to a dime.

The artwork was done by Lou Zimmerman, who worked for, or at, Macy's.  On the back of the artwork are notation's on why the art was rejected ... as if the obvious Macy's and Toyland was enough!

As the owner of this art - received from Dr. Elliot Faber several years ago - these comments have never been photocopied.

Just thought you would like to know.

- Michael R. Reilly, May 13, 2001

Thanks very much for writing, and thanks for the correction!  I'm not certain where we got the date of 1939, but I've changed the page to read 1940, and am currently trying to track down our original source for the information.

This is a great site. It's jam-packed with Superman lore, and I enjoy it a great deal. You obviously know and love your subject. It does have one weakness: You've heard of people who throw a party in order not to invite certain individuals? By your exclusion of the 1986-1999 version of Superman in the comics, you make your otherwise terrific site look like one of those parties. That only makes the host look bad.

It can only strengthen your site to include it. People are not stupid. They can tell what's good and what's bad when they have the entire picture, but it does not speak well of the news photographer to crop the part of the picture he doesn't want people to see. I hope you reconsider this policy. As I said, I think it will strengthen an already great site.

- Gary Wilbur, May 11, 2001

Gary, have you ever heard an expression that starts, "If you don't have anything nice to say,..."? 

Short answer: We don't mention the 1986-1999 Superman because there wasn't one.

Long answer: This web site was created in order to address a need:  Back in 1995, there was no information at all on the internet about what was then termed the "pre-crisis" Superman.  But there were many websites focusing on the post-1986 continuity, treating it as the only continuity.  So when we started, we didn't need to have a section on the "post-crisis" Superman, since there were already many sites covering that information - we focused on what was missing.

Eventually, as the site became more extensive and more widely known, we started to receive complaints like yours - Why was there no information about the 1986-and-on continuity?  So in response to demand, we created a section to cover that time period.

Like the other sections, it consists of comic book panels and creator-quotes from the era.  But many readers have very strong reactions when they read it.  We reproduced what DC had published and what the creators had said in various interviews.  It seems that a lot of our visitors interpret the content as a criticism of the books, of Superman, or of DC Comics.  This last interpretation seems particularly odd, considering that the panels that are objected to were reproduced from books that DC had published!  We didn't make them up - we were merely the messenger.

In response to complaints, we removed the higher-visibility links to the section.  But it's still available if you know where to look.

Thanks to DC's latest approach, the terms "pre-crisis" and "post-crisis" no longer apply.  Additionally, many of those other Superman sites that only acknowledged the post-1986 continuity have now expanded their scope.

Please Reply to
In Superman IV Lois acts like she does not know Clark is Superman.  Can some of you explain this?  Thanks

- May 9, 2001

She was just going along with it.

Hi, I enjoy your site.  I've been a Superman fan since the early 1950s.  I currently own a comic book store in Virginia.  I also have a very extensive collection of comics including Action #1 and Superman #1 through #10 plus a bunch of the others.  I also have other items from the 40's through the 60's such as a costume, rings, watches, standies, cut outs, leather photo book, Superman scrap book from the 40's the records from the 40's, a video of the Superman on broadway Up, up and Away, and a whole bunch more.

Thanks again for your web site I really enjoyed it.

- Jerry Ringi, May 4, 2001

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