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The Krypton Legacy


Harbingers of Doom

Jor-El sat at his computer.  An image of the Second Elder was on the screen talking to Jor-El.

"Kon-Ar is dead and the Council are at second thoughts about who should be the Head of the Council.  We would like you to be present at the Vote.  It seems Ro-Zan is to be appointed, but your vote is strongly appreciated."

The image faded as his wife entered the room.

"What's wrong my love, you look troubled."

"The Council want me to be at the Hall of Wisdom to discuss who should succeed Kon-Ar as Head of the Council".

Suddenly a tremor occurred which shook the planet.  People getting off SkyCabs felt the tremor.  Lara looked at Jor-El with a look that showed how much the tremor had scared her.

"That is the sixth tremor this week.  That one seemed stronger".

"You are right, Lara.  I am certain these tremors are happening for a reason.  Until I find out what we shall be patient.  I am going to the Hall of Wisdom to hear the vote for Head Elder."

They kissed as he left the room.  Lara walked over to a mirror and she looked at her stomach.  The baby inside would not wait for long.  When Jor-El came home she would tell him.

At the Hall of Wisdom, Jor-El placed his vote for Ro-Zan to succeed Kon-Ar.  Then he left the Palace.

Before he went home he called in at a pet store where he looked for a companion.  Lara had tried to persuade him to get a cat or a singing flower, but Jor-El wanted something different.

He saw a white terrier with a red collar that was sitting in its cage and he looked at Jor-El with eyes of sadness.

"How much would it be for that dog in cage K-E 1138?"

"Oh, he is a prime specimen, apparently they have dogs like that on ...".  The pet store owner had an interest in learning other cultures.

"Earth - yes, I have studied the planet with tremendous curiosity.  One couple in particular."

He took out a small data-pad and showed a video recording to the pet store owner.  On the video a man was seen punching a man who was threatening to beat up a younger woman who was crouching down in a corner.

Jor-El pointed to the man who was going to punch the violent man.  "That man goes by the name of Jonathan Kent and that lady's name is Martha Clark.  Shall I scan ahead to the next few years?"

"Yes, do go on".

In the next video recording, Jonathan and Martha were getting married in a church.

The pet store owner said to Jor-El, "I suppose I could let you have him for free".

"Does he have a name at all?"

"I call him Krypto.  He seems to like that name."

"Okay, Krypto it is."

He took the dog home with him and when he reached home, Lara was waiting for him.  She looked at the box with worry in her eyes.

"I have something I need to tell you."



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