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The Krypton Legacy


March of the Clones

Now, another person had enrolled onto the Memory Centre programme that had ambitions to be a great General who would lead a great army to victory.

His Name was General Zod.  He was born on the island of Bokos, which was where many criminals lived and got up to all sorts of nefarious deeds.

A man by the name of Professor Vakox had created a certain serum, which could eliminate pollution in Krypton's many rivers and its 12 seas.  He experimented on The Great Krypton Lake, but the potion changed the normal looking fish into massive and frightening monsters.  The water of The Great Krypton Sea was polluted forevermore.  Professor Vakox was ultimately placed into The Phantom Zone.  Professor Vakox was a citizen of Bokos.  The reason the many criminals that lived there were never brought to justice was because Bokos was not a member of the planetary federation that was governed by the Science Council.  Thus the Council could not do anything to prevent these deeds from happening.

War had been unknown on Krypton up to that time.  Zod had studied many old parchments and documents and he had always had an interest in a certain civilisation, which was in the same system as Krypton.  This planet was known as Zonz.  On the planet Zonz the citizens were masters at genetics and warfare.  All the citizens were duplicates of the founders of this lost planet.

He made a bargain with the ruler of the planet.  If the Zonzians created clones of himself and if he was to overthrow the government on Krypton using this army, he would let the Zonzians rule Krypton.  Of course, the Zonzians agreed and work was started on the clones of General Zod.  The Council became bewildered as General Zod spent far too much time away from Krypton.  He was their primary defence against any invaders and he was greatly trusted.  Then one day Zod saw the massive army.  Thousands of soldiers crowded the huge hangar of Zonz.  All of them were wearing robes of Green and Red and wore the mark of Zod.  The army was loaded into massive ships and then the ships were taken to Krypton where the Council sat complacent.

Zod had told the Council that he had created an army for the Council so they should be protected if war should ever break out.  The clones arrived one terrible day when all of Krypton was celebrating a citywide party that celebrated the founding of Kryptonian civilisation.  The clones had been waiting in secret chambers below the city.  Then Zod released them into the cities of Krypton.  The population was hopelessly outnumbered and the Council were at two minds over what to do.  They had no idea that Zod was at the heart of this terrible plot.  Ro-Zan and the rest of the Council stood in the Council chamber as screams and massive explosions occurred outside.  Zod asked the Council that if they gave Zod absolute power on Krypton, he would rid the planet of this horrific scourge.  Of course they did.

Jor-El was suspicious of this offer.

"Are you sure you know what you are doing?  Signing away our planet to a virtual stranger?  He may know a great deal about warfare, but he knows nothing about democracy!" said Jor-El.

Jor-El studied the events before the war and discovered that Zod had been making visits to the planet Zonz.  Jor-El had had an encounter with these ruffians before.  He knew exactly what they were capable of.  He went to the Council with these findings and told them what he thought.  Zod entered the Chamber and locked the door and took hold of a gun from his belt, which could turn a living being into a pile of ashes in a second.

"Fools, you have signed your planet to me now!  The time has come for a New Order to be established and I shall be the ruler!  Soon this army will have taken control and I will be a supreme ruler of this planet!  Like a god!"

"How could you have done this without the Council knowing?" inquired Ro-Zan.  He did not see Jor-El slowly moving over to the Phantom Zone projector.

"You put too much trust in me, Ro-Zan."

Jor-El pressed the button and he shouted for all the Council members to cover their eyes and as the ray hit Zod he faded away and was sent to The Phantom Zone.

What General Zod did not know was that the Zonzians had given the clones a link to their host.  Thus if the host was ever in trouble the clones would simply die and become lifeless bodies.  All over Krypton the clones suddenly dropped their weapons and they fell to the floor.  All of Krypton cheered as the enemy died before their eyes.  Massive pyres were lit and the bodies of the clones were burnt.  The bodies of the dead Kryptonians were burnt in special ceremonies.

Now Jor-El went home to spend more time with his pregnant wife.  The War was over.  But the real doomsday for Krypton would not be far behind.



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