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Star Gate of Vision: The Vision Dream

Civilizations and mankind having evolved in the technology of war and weaponry.  Beginning with rocks, flint arrow, guns, stealth, biological weapons of mass destruction, and advanced science.

War gets packaged..... as Peace, and mass destruction is a weapon held over the heads of all mankind and the heavens.  The universe speaks, the rocks scream, the Overlords plot their charts on who will own the stars and planets.

Who is the enemy?  Who are "THEY" behind the masks of power?  Who do you trust?

I envision a new dawn: the preservation of mankind, earth, sea, heaven and the planets.  Earth-Ra Galactic-Ra.  Zepisz goddess requests Superman to join her as they review the Powers of the Overlords and their respective Councils, and declare a new Constitution for World Peace. We shall name it "Keepers of the World." (KOW) and will name this "Superman Goddess REVIEW."

Can Superman, "Keeper of Eternal Knowledge," help SAVE the Universe?  Restore the kingdoms to their respected realms?  Save us from the Overlords?

Will the Daily Planet be the KEEPERS of free press?

Can our Superheroes restore Order out of Chaos?

Will Supergirl get jealous of Superman hanging out with a Goddess?

smiles.....stay tuned.....for When Superman ...walks with a Goddess

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