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Appearing as an apparition ......Zepisz came to Superman in a dream... a dream in which the Superhero was uncertain if it was an Illusion or Reality.  Her super vision commanded him as she led him to the Star Winds...telepathically... calling him by name, Star Child.  Her beauty mesmerized every part of his being as she magnetically drew him to her, teleporting them beyond the heavens.

Holding a crystal Orb... then pointing towards the heaven the Goddess brought them to a mountain in the sky.  Staring down across the vastness... she spoke to him only through her mind as he listened.

His eyes searched to see what it is...... she was showing him.

Out of the great expanse appeared giant air ships of the apocalypse.... Templed Cities, Pyramids, Synthetic Planet Bases, falling stars that faded from their place of rest amidst the heavens, Star Base.  The picture faded ...from his eyes as a new sight entered his SuperVison.  The Face and Image of ...ONE.  Turning to ISIS Superman asked who it was he was viewing.... once more telepathically speaking she said...

"Star Child, the one that is before you is known as CHERUBIM of the Guardian Order.  Master of Illusion.

"What you have seen revealed is called 'Hollow' or by men of earth planet, Hologram.  Look...and SEE."

The Goddess pointed forth her orb once more... leaving Superman to complete his dreams.  Leaning over she gently kissed Superman's forehead before she vanished.

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