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    Challenge of the Superfriends: Attack of the Legion of Doom!

    A compilation of the classic 1978 TV cartoons. Superman leads a superhero team comprised of the greatest DC Comics superheroes against a team of 13 of the most notorious DC Comics supervillians. Episodes include: Wanted Ten Super Friends, Invasion of the Fearians, The World's Deadliest Game, The Time Trap, Trial of the Super Friends... read more
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Cover by Alex Ross

The Trade Paperback

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"Their mission: To fight injustice.  To right that which is wrong.  And to serve all mankind!"

They are... the Super Friends! 

Now you have the chance-of-a-lifetime to read the SUPER FRIENDS! trade paperback, collecting stories written by E. Nelson Bridwell and Alex Toth, and featuring the art of Ramona Fradon, Alex Toth, Kurt Schaffenberger, Ric Estrada, Bob Smith, Joe Orlando, and Vince Colletta. 

In 1973, the World's Greatest Super-Heroes -- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more -- were masterfully reinterpreted by Hanna-Barbera Animation Studios, legendary artist Alex Toth and others to become a network TV cartoon phenomenon that continues to air on the Cartoon Network to this day.  Three years later, the team came full circle and returned to the comic-book medium that gave birth to them. SUPER FRIENDS! collects some of the most entertaining and exciting comic-book adventures of the Super Friends -- reprinting stories from SUPER FRIENDS #1, 6-9, 14, 21, 27, and LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION #C-41.  Along with super-hero trainees the Wonder Twins, Wendy, Marvin & Wonder Dog, the Super Friends teach and learn lessons of life, honor and friendship!

SUPER FRIENDS! is a 176-page trade paperback with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

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