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Elliot S! Maggin


[Elliot S! fax art by Alex

An exclusive interview with Elliot S! Maggin!

by Great Rao

Super-scribe Elliot Maggin wrote for DCís Superman comics from the early 1970ís through the mid 1980ís.  He is also the author of the bestselling Superman novels Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday.  He recently finished his new Kingdom Come novel, based on the comic book mini-series by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, and co-wrote the recently released Generation-X novel with Scott Lobdell.  (This interview was conducted in 1997)

How did you get your start writing?

Where did you go to school?

What are some of your favorite novels and authors?


How did you end up moving from Green Arrow to Superman?

What would you have wanted to do with Superman if you had continued with him?

I find it hard to believe that no one actually read them!

Can you talk a bit about your work on Superman #400?  Was the reaction any different when that came out?

Is there any truth to the rumor that you wanted to have Superman and Lois get married?

What did you think of Alan Mooreís ďWhatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?Ē

Were you ever approached to write the ďlastĒ Superman story instead?

Alex Ross KC Superman pictures

Can you tell us a bit about your newest project?  How did you end up with the Kingdom Come assignment?

Have you expanded on Mark Waidís and Alex Rossí story at all? Is there any additional material?

Will we see anything further about Green Lantern or New Oa?

So just ďwhichĒ Superman will we be reading about in the book?

Has your vision of Superman changed since you first started writing him?

You mentioned earlier that youíd like your first two Superman books to be re-published.  Does it look like this will happen?  Will there be any extra material in the new editions?

Is there a chance weíll see any more Superman stories from you in the future?

There seems to be an effort among some comic book creators to restore the heroic ideal, myth, and a sense of optimism to super-hero comics. Do you think they will succeed?

Can you give us an update of your Goldenrod project?

Did you enjoy working on the Generation X novel?

Have you written any comic books since Archieís Super Teens #1?

Archie Super-Teens #1

9 May 1997

You can contact Elliot S! Maggin and read about his current work at his web page, Exclamations!

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