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Jeremiah, of Boise Idaho, is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Jeremiah was randomly selected from over 800 other contestants, ranging in age from 4 to 63!  We received entries from the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Chile, England, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Malaysia, Cameroun, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand!

Jeremiah's FREE KRYPTO SOFT TOY is currently on its way!

Unfortunately, not everybody could win, but many thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

after Francis Barraud

Here are the answers to the contest entry questions based on Starwinds Howl

    Who named Krypto?

    • 1 - Pa Kent
    • 2 - Jor-El
    • 3 - Kal-El
    • 4 - Lara

    3 - The infant Kal-El, when he first saw the white puppy that Jor-El had brought home, gave him the name "Krypto."

    What is the meaning of the Kryptonian word "Krypton"?

    • 1 - Ice
    • 2 - 'Kryp' and 'Tonn', two space explorers
    • 3 - The 36th element on the periodic table
    • 4 - A kind of bicycle lock

    This one was a bit of a trick question.  In the story, both 1 and 2 were offered as explanations.  We accepted 1, 2, or 3 (which is also technically correct) in answer to this question - but not 4 because the bicycle lock is actually called "Kryptonite," not "Krypton."

    What other dogs were Krypto's companions in outer-space?

    • 1 - Nip, Yowl, and Boof
    • 2 - Skip, Demian, and Astro
    • 3 - Ace, Corky, and Comet

    1 - Nip, Yowl, and Boof were Krypto's pirate-dog compatriots.

    How much do you like Krypto?

    • 1 - Krypto? Who's that?
    • 2 - A little bit.
    • 3 - A whole lot.
    • 4 - RAFF RAFF RAFF!

    We apologize for the obviousness of this one - 4 is, of course, the best answer and will have the best chance of winning.  3 is an acceptable answer, but those entries will be assigned a lower weight in the random selection process.  Sorry, but 1 and 2 will not be considered!

The lucky winner will be randomly selected from all of the correctly answered entries during the first week of April and then notified.  Odds of being selected are approximately 1 in 800.  Thanks again to everyone for entering!

"Krypto the Superdog" is the latest in a line of soft toys from DC Direct.  Standing 7 inches tall when seated, Krypto comes complete with his S-logo dog collar and cape and has a wireframe inside to pose him for standing, sitting or flying.  Packaged in a 4-color window box.

The Krypto soft toy has been on-sale since March 21, 2001.


No purchase neccesary.  No obligations express or implied.  Contest open to anyone anwhere, regardless of age, employer, or country of residence.  Limit of one entry per person.  Duplicate entries will be discarded.  Incorrectly or incompletly filled-out entries will be discarded.  Contest ends March 31, 2001.  Odds of winning are dependent on the number of entries received.  Void where prohibited by law.  Actual product may differ from that pictured. is not responsible for data loss, hardware failure, or any other circumstances that are beyond our control.  We will make a good faith effort to maintain an accurate tally of all entries and to notify the winner and to deliver the Krypto Soft Toy, but do not guarantee that we will be able to do so.  All entries will be kept completely private and will be destroyed approximately six months after the end of the contest.  By entering the Krypto Soft Toy Giveaway Contest, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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