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The Krypton Legacy


A Deadly Warning

He walked into the Council chamber with fear in his heart.  Would they believe him and would he have time to get everyone off the planet in time?

The Great Hall of Krypton was built out of the purest crystal that had been specially prepared from the famed Jewel Mountains.  The Jewel Mountains were formed when ancient crystalline birds inhabited the skies and their dead bodies piled on top of one another and their bodies created the Jewel Mountains.

Jor-El entered the chamber.  The council members either stood or sat in their places.  In the middle of the room sat a computer, which had been created to both store and transmit information.  Jor-El hated that device.  It was of poor logic and of little use to the people of Krypton.  Along the walls were various busts of many of Krypton's celebrities such as Gam-El who had created Krypton's first telescope and Nim-El who had tamed the beasts of Krypton's Scarlet Jungle and had apparently discovered a cure for Virus X, but the cure mysteriously disappeared.

He knew he had to tell these people.

"Members of the Council, Fellow citizens of the Planet Krypton.  I bring you many greetings and some bad news."

The leader of the Council, Ro-Zan, arose from his seat and he walked over to the scientist.  Jor-El trusted him.

"Jor-El could you please enlighten us?"

"The planet Krypton is in deadly danger.  I have studied Krypton's orbit and have discovered that the planet is slowly falling into the Red Sun.  The stress will be too much for the planet to contain, the planet will break apart and soon the planet will explode like an atomic bomb," explained Jor-El.

The Council suddenly erupted in noise and Ro-Zan motioned for the Council to be silent.  He then said to Jor-El, "Jor-El, you have been working too hard and the stress has made you tired.  Please, I advise you to forget this silly tale of Krypton's death.  The Great Krypton clock would have told us if danger were coming."

"The Clock is a machine, maybe the most sophisticated machine in Kryptonain history, but it is still a machine, and machines can make mistakes, you put too much faith in it.  For the sake of Krypton, please accept my help.  You place your lives at its feet.  You all know that I would never voice my concern for our planet if they were unfound, but all the data I've collected say otherwise.  That's why I again ask the council to reconsider my request.  The only way we can survive is by migrating to a planet called Earth."

Ro-Zan laughed and said, "We Kryptonians prefer death to living with people of that status and class.  They are a race of inferior people."

"Ro-Zan, it is the only planet that can support our way of life and culture.  Please reconsider.  We must evacuate this planet immediately!  I am building the Space Ark in Kandor and it will be ready in a couple of days.  Please accept my help.  You are dooming Krypton if you do not listen to what I am saying."

Ro-Zan looked at his friend with a look that said that this had gone far enough.

"Jor-El, please leave us.  Your mind has become unbalanced."

Jor-El turned to the door then he turned back and said with sadness, "May Rao be with us all then."

He then promptly left.

Jor-El entered his home and he went to the living area.  Lara was there and Kal-El was playing with Krypto.

"Have you heard about Kandor?"

"What about it?"

"It's gone.  It was there one minute and then it had gone all the people with it.  It just disappeared."

"Oh, no.  Nor Kann was there.  He was helping to build the Space Ark.  Now we are all doomed.  The Council have signed our death warrant.  They do not believe me.  If only there was something I could do.

"Just say you love me Jor-El, because I love you."

They hugged and walked down towards the cellar where a small rocket was in the process of being built.



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