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The Krypton Legacy


Star Child

Jor-El arrived at the Krypton hospital.  His wife had given birth in the early hours and he had not long to wait before he could hold the baby in his arms.

Lara walked out of the hospital room with a small baby.  The baby had black hair and blue eyes.  Its hair curled across his forehead.  Lara handed the baby to Jor-El.

"Lara, he looks just like me.  Has he a name?"

"No he has not.  I thought of calling him Vad-El, but it did not sound phonetically correct."

"What about Kal-El?  In Kryptonese it means Star Child."

According to a famous prophet by the name of Sonnabend...

Star Child will leave a death world
For the System of the Rings,
Where the child will grow to legend
As his life the singer sings.

When the conqueror wants his secret
With the Star Child he'll contend;
And when the day of battle's over
Then the legend's life will end.

As soon as he got his wife and child home, he went to Argo City to visit his brother Zor-El who had also given birth to a baby girl with his wife, Alura.  He then went to visit his old friend Magus who made dolls and toys for children.

"Hello Magus.  Could you create a doll for my new child?"

"Yes.  When would you like it for?"


Then the ground began to shake with increasing violence.  As the ground heaved, the house shook and trembled.  Magus looked in horror as Jor-El had a frightened and uncertain look on his face.  He then said to Magus, "That is the sixth quake this year.  Something is definitely wrong.  I want to find out what.  I will pay you for the doll now and I will pick it up tomorrow.  Rao go with you, my friend."

He then came home and studied the Menta Tape that belonged to his father.  Then he studied the many charts and planetary maps that showed where Krypton was in relation to its Red Sun.  There was no denying that Krypton was slowly becoming closer to its Red Sun.  He then read up on how planets become unstable due to too much solar energy.  He discovered that when planets become far too close to their sun they would explode.  This was what was causing the Quakes.  He was sure of it.

He raced home and told Lara this news.  She was horrified.

"Surely there must be some way we can survive.  If only we could live among the stars."

"Lara, you have the solution!  We all shall live among the stars where we can let Krypton blow itself up for all we care.  I must tell the Council at once.  I hope to Rao they believe me."



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