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The Krypton Legacy


The Belly of the Beast

"Krypton had its own concise mythology which gave it greater resonance within my life even if I did not have the chance to embrace these beliefs."

Recorded during "This is Superman: Story of a Legend" in 1976.

People wondered why the Red sun of their planet was red.  The Kryptonians had a name for the sun.  They called it "Rao".  In Kryptonian mythology, Rao helped Krypp and Tonn to fashion the world and make it beautiful and peaceful.  They did have superstitions.  Education was not a straightforward process.  Young Kryptonians did not go to school.  They were taught at home by means of an advanced cap which fed information straight into their brains.

Young adults went to learn at The Kryptonian Memory Centre which used developed versions of the same technology that taught young Kryptonians.

Shortly after Jor-El finished his training at the Memory Centre, he received a Video-gram on his data pad.  It said .....

Ro-Zan First Elder.

Jor-El wasted no time and he went straight to the Hall.  At the entrance, there were sculptures of the First and Second Elders.  The door shined like a diamond as it was made of pure glass.  In the massive chamber, 12 of the council elders either sat or stood.  Ro-Zan stood next to two unknown people.  Ro-Zan was quite young and he had an air of goodness to him.  Attired in his council robes of Red, Blue and Yellow, he looked the figure of justice.  Next to him stood Jax-Ur and his assistant Mala.

Jax-Ur was tall and bald and Mala had a dangerous look about her.

"I am glad you are here, Jor-El.  This is Jax-Ur and Mala.  Jax-Ur has an idea for space rocket technology that he thought you would like to see for yourself."

"I thought the Council did not fund experiments from outsiders" inquired Jor-El.

Ro-Zan walked over to a massive screen in the wall of the council room.  On the screen was an image of a rocket flying through the heavens.

"Quite impressive.  What does the rocket run on?" asked Jor-El eagerly.

"It runs on liquid gold from the Gold Volcano.  Of course it had to be cooled, or else the rocket would explode with a force great enough to kill 20 Kryptonians."

Suddenly Kon-Ar the Leader of all Krypton entered the room.  All the Elders rose from their chairs and they did not look at the screen.  Suddenly Jaf-Arlo, who was an elder with a penchant for metalworking, looked at the screen in horror.  Jax-Ur moved over to the controls and placed his hands behind his back.  What the Council did not see was Jax-Ur fiddling with the controls that said EMERGENCY DETONATION.

"Look, the rocket is going to strike Wegthor!"  The elders looked at the screen as the rocket suddenly dropped and hit the planet with a noise like thunder and the screen went black as the rocket made its deadly blow.  Jor-El tried to open the controls and he tried to restore contact with the vessel, but alas it had completely obliterated the planet Wegthor and its inhabitants.  Jax-Ur looked at Kon-Ar then tried to leave the room with his assistant.  But the door slammed shut.  Jor-El walked over to Kon-El and he whispered something in his ear.  Kon-Ar spoke to Jax-Ur as if he were a child that had done something wrong.

"Jax-Ur, Jor-El tells me that you made an arrangement with Ol-Ra to deliberately drive that rocket straight into that planet.  I sentence you to lifetime imprisonment in one of Krypton's worst prisons."  Kon-Ar motioned for elders to surround the two villains but Jor-El stood and thought.  He ran to the desk that Kon-Ar was sitting behind.

"Sir, I have a suggestion."

Kon-Ar looked at Jor-El with interest.

"I have recently discovered a portal to a dimension that lies in total limbo.  Of course I had to investigate, and I placed a robot into this hellish place.  I expected the robot to malfunction in the swirls and mists and winds of the Zone.  But he became a lifeless ghost.  I have not tried it out on a Kryptonian human.  Time does not pass in the Zone, so I can guarantee that whatever is placed in it does not die.  I have built and finished a projector, which can send anything into this Zone.  Due to the corporeal form that these subjects become I have called this place 'The Phantom Zone.'"

Jor-El walked over to his place and took a black hood out of his bag and he placed it on his head and he wheeled out a board with manacles and straps strapped to it.  Jax-Ur and his assistant were forced to get onto the board.  It took seven Elders to strap them to the board.

Jor-El spoke.  "The crimes that you both have committed provides me with no further option but to sentence you to eternal torment in The Phantom Zone"

He pressed a black button and a ray shot out of the projector and struck the board.  Jax-Ur and Mala seemed to fade into nothing as they were sent on their way.

The Phantom Zone was translated as "The Belly of The Beast."



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