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The Krypton Legacy


A Father's Death

There would not be long to go.  He kneeled by his father's bedside.  The poor man was dying.

"Son, I cannot last much longer.  You must promise me you will try and fight death itself.  You have always been a good pupil."

He went over to a jar which supposedly held the brain of a brilliant scientist.  He had heard the story of how his father had acquired it.

The funeral went without incident as his father lay on a funeral pyre.  His spirit would become one with Rao.

Jor-El stood there.  He knew he must do something to prevent something like this happening to other people.  Rumours circulated around the Kryptonian community that Jor-El's father had contracted Virus X, which was a deadly Kryptonian virus.  There has always been this fear ever since the dreaded "Rem-Ul incident".  Apparently Lao-Zon, Keeper of the Kryptonian medical database, had a brief encounter with an alien life-form called a "Vrang."  Days later after he met this creature he became seriously ill.

The symptoms of this virus caused his skin to go white and pale and his skin to become brittle.  Also there was no known cure for this virus which had been named Virus X after the mysterious creature that had infected Lao-Zon in the first place.  Of course they did not know the proper name of this creature until scientists examined the corpse of one of the beasts using a special scanner which prevented anymore damage to the creatures body and to prevent them from catching the deadly virus that lived in the creature like a parasite.

Jor-El lived on his own and made plenty of friends.  One such friend was Nor-Kann who worked in the capital city of Kandor as an architect.  He met Nor-Kann when he enrolled at The Memory Centre of Kandor.  It was to be the start of a beautiful friendship.



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