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The Krypton Legacy


The Death of Krypton

Jor-El showed Lara the small rocket, which glowed in the lights of the laboratory.  It looked like a silver bullet.  It was attached to a special launch pad which was pointing to a star shape in the ceiling.  The ceiling would retract and show the couple the stars.

"So how does the rocket work, Jor-El?"

"I simply press a button, which opens a valve which lets hot air enter the fuel tubes which in turn will propel the rocket forward and on its way.  I sent the dog Krypto on a trial run in a smaller rocket that I wanted to show the council, but the quake prevented me from taking it to the Hall of ..."

Suddenly a deafening crack exploded on Krypton.  It was as if a great beast had awoken.

"It is here, Lara!  The end has come sooner than I thought!

Cracks appeared in the walls and through the walls he could see the Great Towers of Krypton shaking and pieces of plaster falling.  The citizens suddenly stopped and watched in horror as their planet slowly began to disintegrate.

Jor-El stayed calm and suddenly a thought entered his head, "What about the boy he is too young.  There may still be a hope for you and him!"

"I am too big to fit in that rocket.  I might stop the flight process.  Please save Kal-El.  Are you sure he will be comfortable?"

"Yes, I have placed his red, blue and yellow blankets in the rocket to cushion him."

He took Kal-El out of his mother's arms.  Lara kissed him on the forehead and she watched as Jor-El placed the screaming infant into the model space rocket.

A strange force began that seemed like it was slowly building for one final cataclysm.  Jor-El knew that when this happened, there would be no hope for the citizens of Krypton.  The sky became a flaming red as the Sun slowly approached the planet.  The Ice Mountains slowly melted flooding the landscape.

Back at the laboratory, Jor-El pressed the button and slowly the pressure built up inside the rocket.  The rocket slowly tilted towards the sky and took off through the roof.  The couple waved and walked out of the front door into the city streets.

The moment of the final destruction had arrived!  The cracks in the ground grew and became enormous abysses.  The citizens ran around in blind terror as their world died before them.

Ro-Zan ran to his aide, "Great Rao has forsaken us."

The aged leader of the Council ran with his aide through the city streets as the ground beneath them cracked and shattered like plate glass.  A great abyss opened up beneath them and Ro-Zan and his aide fell to their doom.  The great statues of many of Krypton's famous celebrities, for example Gam-El and Vak-Ar, toppled to the ground.  The mountains of Krypton were a blazing red as the sun drew nearer to the planet.  At The Holy Church of Rao, a priest by the name of Her-Zon was holding a service as the planet shook then suddenly Lava and magma burst up through the floor and engulfed the building.  The lava flow carried Her-Zon away.  His charred remains sunk to the depths.  The great Towers of Krypton fell to the ground crushing many people.

The Security officer was still in his vehicle as he raced towards Jor-El's laboratory.  Suddenly a massive tower fell and crushed the vehicle dead in its tracks.  Fire blazed around the city streets.  Many of the citizens of Krypton fell into the great abysses that had opened up beneath them where they were incinerated by the immense heat.  The whole planet became wracked with explosions.  Tidal waves came in from the Sea and The Council Chamber collapsed on the remaining survivors of the Council and the whole building burst into flames.  Buildings toppled like they were made from a child's building blocks amidst clouds of choking poisonous black smoke.  The sky continued to burn a flaming red.

Jor-El and Lara held on to one another.  Screams had now engulfed the planet.  They ran out into the city streets where great crowds where racing to try and save themselves.  A great explosion happened then Jor-El was plunged into the boiling Great Krypton Sea.  Lara was flung into a huge abyss where she and thousands of other Kryptonians fell to their doom.  Men ran with children in their arms as their wives cried pitifully.  The buildings were now sinking into the ground taking many of the citizens with them.  There was not one city which was not a flaming inferno.

Then suddenly ...

The great Planet Krypton exploded into millions of molten fragments as the small rocket holding the baby Kal-El raced toward its new home.  The fragments continued to burn as they were hurled deep into the cosmos.



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