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Secret Keep in the Star Winds

It is the seventh hour...Goddess ISIS once more appearing before Superman.  He was growing accustomed to the unusual appearances of this Goddess.  Taking his hand, she lead them through the heavens.

Had Superman summoned her, or the Goddess him.  It was hard to tell.  Walking through the Star Winds until they came to the Celestial Gardens.  Flaming swords guarded its hidden entrance, in ancient scrolls it was called The Garden of Eden.

In the middle of the garden was a time capsule.  It appeared as a large circle with a 3/d pyramid in the center and it was made of solid gold.  White lights sparked from it as small crystaled lights.  It appeared as white fire light..small crystaled lights that shone like stars and illuminated in their eyes.

"Star Child," the goddess spoke to him telepathically, "you who are Keeper of knowledge and ancient wisdom.  Secrets of the Universe lay before you. It has been known from the Genesis of time, were these 'secrets' and secret knowledge to fall into the hands of powers of darkness and evil, the Secrets and knowledge would be abused in a Regime of Terror to control human kind and would be hidden behind a veil of darkness for purposes of hiding its treasures and powers from all of Earthman.

"Secret Orders formed across the earth world in a hushed whispering of its existance.  Councils formed in secret, armies formed in secret.  Sultans, Kings, Sheiks, Knights of Templar and Arabian Knights, spoke of its magick from the round tables of silence.  Swearing oath to the allegiance of secrecy."

Tempylle's were built as a shroud its magick as bearers of light.  Pointing with her finger toward the sky ISIS revealed her star.  Sirius, the doggon star (Dog Star).  As superman looked at her he saw her as an angel of white light.  Light that touched to his eyes, her voice like the sound of rushing waters that spoke to him and brought him a the celestial gardens.

"Star Child, you must find the right of secret passage.  You must find the revealing of the Seven Seals.  As your father J-EL sent you from the planet of Krypton to spare your life from a planet of destruction, you have been born to this time, to save the planet Earth and the Galaxy's from impending doom and destruction.  To save those that would be known in the future as Devil Slaves of Guardian Order Regimes.

"I send you the light of my star to led you on your journey.  Sirius will be your guide.  Follow its light path as all will be revealed."  Handing Superman the "Book of Light,Life and Law," she pointed to the second and seventh seal.  Then as if in a dream or vision Superman and ISIS descended down the stairway of heaven, on crystal steps of Lapis down through the heavens.

IsIs carrying a golden sphinx with a candle, its candle wick burnt eternal fire.  Superman stared at the aura of white light about the goddess, mesmerized by her aura, by the mastery of words she spoke to him in his mind.  Setting down the sphinx on the stairway, IsIS held out her crystal Orb towards Sirius and Superman went spiraling through space and time.  Teleported like a whirlwind.

When he woke...he dreamt the Goddess had come to him leaning towards him she gently kissed his lips and said..."we are the children of Nephillium".  Her eyes sparkled like magick and she disappeared.

Superman, having now entered Interdimensional Realms, Realms of Secret that held mysteries of time travel, began to see the revelations and messages that were sent by his Father.  Encoded secrets for his protection and for the preservation of the future.  Superman would now embrace the infusion of his powers as Star Child of the Intragalactic Universe in a way he had never imagined.

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