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Meanwhile...Clark Kent sits at his desk.  The phone rings.  A strange haunting voice says "Clark Kent?"  Clark's eyes shift, scanning the room with a puzzled look as he hesitantly replies, "Yes..this is Clark Kent...who is this?"  Clark is instructed to open up his desk third drawer down.  The phone clicks.  Slowly he opens it out and he sees a copy of the Daily Planet.  At the top of the paper in bold letters it's titled: Daily Planet: Regime of the Beast 666.  Next is an icon of the white unicorn..The ides of March 2010 In the year of The Lord of the our Beast.



Global Airships light the galactic sky.  ELF (extremely low frequency) Brain waves send out Search and Capture signals.  The message sent to Earth men reveals the faces of the hunted.  Most Wanted.  Reward has been set.  1 month supply of water will be doubled, food vouchers and 3/d upgraded Brain Chip with entertainment unlimited for 1 year will be rewarded to individuals with information leading capture of these felons.  Anyone who has seen, or believes to have seen, the suspects, report immediatly to BEAST666 Headquarters Section Seti LTD.  Commander & Chief of the Seraphim.

It is believed that the accused may have supervisions.  Do not believe the things they say.

(Clark Kent's eyes look up in shock as he recognizes the pictures are none less than that of Superman and IsIs Goddess).

(Clark's eyes immediatly race to the next article)

The Arc of the Covenant

Ground controls, 100 Military tanks & Satellites escorted by the Apollon Guard.  The moving of the galactic treasury "The Arc of the Covenant" begins at sundown.  While the global treasury is being moved to its new secret location, marshall law dictates that no citizen of the Global Regime shall leave their homes, slave bases, or Matrix Centers.  The 12th hour to the 24th hour.  Summer Solstice of the Beast.

Red Alert

Sound Ban news-Regime Commerce of Global Guardians Order

Now ratified by Hierarchy of the Regime Global Consitutional Amendment 666.502  Any citizens owning CDs, downloads, albums, tapes of the following music: global dumpsters will be provided to all citizens of Global Regime.  Sixty day grace period will not be extended.  Citizens refusing the banishment, destruction, and eradicated music will be guilty as charged. In effect are:

any cds that use the names: superman or goddess

Rolling Stones - Led Zeppelin - Bob Dylan - Foo Fighters - Linkin Park - Creed - Disturbed - Metallica - Korn - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Default - Monster Magnet - Doors - Woodstock (well....the list went on and on till all bands were named page upon page) Ursup and disobedience will not be tolerated.  Banishment orders must be complied effective immediatly.  Any Citizen, alien, or other being with possession of music is hereby considered a traitor, felon of the order and will be construed as dangerous to the harmonic convergence of the ORDER.

As Clark Kent looks off into space, the Daily Planet of the future in his hand, the paper sparks into flame and vanishes to cinders like magick.  Lois Lane, seeing the paper on fire, rushes over with the fire extinguisher... "Are you alright Clark?  What happened?"

Without speaking a word, Clark leaves his office, rips off his outer clothes, and flies to his cave in the mountain.  Turning on his favorite music full blast.  His head buried in his hands.

What do the visions mean?  Who is this IsIS Goddess he grumbles beneath his breath.  What does she want with me.  Turning on his superscreen TV, a line crossed the tube.  Emergency Broad Cast Station.  Stay tuned...for Future Visions.

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