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As Superman fell deep into a myriad of dream...the Goddess returned to the heavens where she roamed in celestial gardens.  Her eyes drawn by a sparks of fire cast off the Lord Ring Oracle which mystically appeared before her. An immortal voice spoke, oracle cards were magically before her eyes and the Goddess was commanded to choose.

Upon her instruction, 9 cards - 3 rows of 3, choosing 1 card from each row.  Forming the shape of a pyramid her eyes immediatly recognizing the symbol.

+ Elves
+Helms+Celestial Realms

The Oracle's Seraph began to speak...revealing that which is/that which is to come.  The first card:+Elves: spoke of ISIS Goddess and of Superman, Guardian Keeps of the Universe.  Guardians of Ancient Lore and Knowledge.  Enchantment, Hidden secret Masters of insight, telepathic powers.

The second card:+Helms: revealed the onslaught of "The ARC Armies", Warriors of Hell's Gate.  The armies of Arc moved stealthily across an arc/grid unilateral.  Like a mirage they appeared from only one side moving across the land like brail beneath their feet near the Garden of Eden.

The Seraph's voice of power was beautiful and mystical then appearing before the Goddess as if in mid air.  Towers and hanging gardens surrounded this mirage.  The vision was so close...and yet out of reach.  She wondered what manner of beings inhabited this place...this play beyond the Great Sea.  Mortals were forbidden for this was the destination of the Ring bearers.

A vision flashed in her mind's eye...of the Atlantis Legend with the sudden flutter of giant spread wings, ISIS watched the Seraph disappear.  Her thoughts moved to Superman knowing what she must do and the place she must take him.

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Next vision...

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