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Who do you Trust: TOPIC (NEWS FLASH)
Superman visited by Zepisz re-incarnation of ISIS Goddess

Having seen...through hidden sight..the Goddess looked down upon the council.  The hidden ring of power.  Men of Realms each seeking Ultimate Power...powers of the Elite to Rule the Planet of Earth... and Sea.  Powers to rule the heavens move own the stars.  Circled upon a hidden mountain...the rulers plotted in secret...each plotting mutiny, Overlord of the other. Hearts of black lucid dreaming, each maintaining a sense of civility, speaking twisted words and lies, each lie prepared as a parallel agenda.

The Dark Lords each carried their own charter manifest written upon papyrus each declaring their Overlordship as self proclaimed rulers.. of the World and otherworlds.  I call upon prophetic words of knowledge by J.R.R. Tolkien.. "One Ring to Rule them all" Fairie Tale... IN TRUTH.... it is a wonder that Kings, Scientists, and Scholars... ran to seek its word.

I hereby authorize the owners of this site to illustrate, storyboard, and use any thing that is herby written by Zepisz aka Zepisz1 aka Brooke.  The visions that I see and reveal are real.  Psychics are brought into the universe at times to be "Keepers of the Universe" Protectors of and in the Future.  As it is acknowledged why there is a need for Superman...... there needs to be  My persona.

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Next vision...

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