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Adventures of Superman


Sixty episodes from the Adventures of Superman series is available on VHS, by subscription, from Columbia House.

Click HERE or call 1-800-909-8200 to subscribe to the series.

Each video tape contains three episodes from a different season.  The following list shows which episodes are on which tapes.

tape title contains these episodes
1HeadlinesSuperman on Earth, Panic in the Sky, The Wedding of Superman
2DeadlinesRescue, Five Minutes to Doom, The Perils of Superman
3Identity CrisisThe Secret of Superman, The Stolen Costume, The Big Forget
4Strange CasesThe Deserted Village, The Man in the Lead Mask, The Superman Silver Mine
5Infernal MachinesThe Mind Machine, The Machine That Could Plot Crimes, The Phoney Alibi
6Atom AdventureThe Monkey Mystery, Superman in Exile, The Atomic Captive
7Perry White, EditorPerry White's Scoop, Great Caesar's Ghost, Money to Burn
8Superman vs. Organized CrimeCzar of the Underworld, Crime Wave, Superman's Wife
9CrimefightersNo Holds Barred, My Friend Superman, Close Shave
10Jimmy in JeopardyThe Haunted Lighthouse, Semi-Private Eye, King For a Day
11Criminal Actions The Human Bomb, Beware The Wrecker, Peril By Sea
12Highway RobberyThe Case Of The Talkative Dummy, Shot In The Dark, The Town That Wasn't
13Evil ForcesThe Evil Three, A Ghost For Scotland Yard, The Phantom Ring
14Mistaken IdentityThe Birthday Letter, The Face And The Voice, Three In One
15Jimmy Olsen, ReporterThe Boy Who Hated Superman, The Lady In Black, Jimmy The Kid
16Perilous PuzzlesMystery Of The Broken Statues, Star Of Fate, The Seven Souvenirs
17Mystic PowersMystery Of Wax, Drums Of Death, The Man Who Made Dreams Come True
18Hidden TreasureTreasure Of The Incas, The Golden Vulture, The Jolly Roger
19Achilles HeelsThe Defeat Of Superman, Superman Week, The Big Freeze
20Superman vs. SuperstitionThe Ghost Wolf, The Lucky Cat, The Magic Necklace

More episodes are available at the GIFT-SHOP

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Adventures of Superman