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Superman by Tom Grummett

Sixty Years of SUPERMAN!

From Adventures of Superman #558, April 1998

In celebration of the sixty years that had passed since the publication of Action Comics #1, April, 1998, saw a parallel set of distinct three-part story lines presented in the different Superman titles, each one a tribute to a different incarnation of Superman.

From Superman: The Man of Steel #80

Superman: The Man of Steel #80 through #82 (April, 1998 through June, 1998) features an action-packed three part interpretation of the Golden Age Superman!  This story introduces a bold, new champion: "the 1/8-of-a-mile leaping, shells-exploding-on-his-chest Superman!"

'The Superman' Alternate Cover sketch by Shuster
1933 cover sketch by Joe Shuster
Man of Steel #80, 1998
1998 cover by Bogdanove,
after Shuster
Man of Steel #81, 1998
Superman: The Man of Steel #81

Superman: The Man of Steel #80 presents a wonderfully accurate Siegel & Shuster Superman - with additional influences from the Fleischer cartoons and even one or two from the Christopher Reeve Superman movie.

It takes the Golden Age one step further by directly confronting the Nazi distortion of Nietzsche's Superman.  This wasn't really a philosophical issue until after World War II, so this is the first time that Superman addresses the concern.

Adventures of Superman #559, May 1998 Adventures of Superman #558 through #560 (April, 1998 through June, 1998) features a three part tribute to Mort Weisinger's Superman!
"I asked myself, 'What would Mort Weisinger be doing if he were handed the Superman books today?'"
- Karl Kesel

Adventures of Superman #558, cover by Tom Grummett

The Adventures of Superman #558 is a brilliant tribute to the Silver Age Superman.  It comes across as a "what-if Crisis never happened" one issue story which could very easily be taking place today.  It presents a Superman in an optimistic world - one which is a much better place because of his presence.  Supergirl is still Superman's cousin, Krypto his dog, and Krypton an honored part of Superman's heritage; yet the modern Superboy and Steel are added to the mix.  A lot of fun, highly recommended. 

From Adventures of Superman #558, April 1998

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