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Meet Super-Girl

Super-Girl is endowed with super-powers identical to Superman's.  Her costume is red-and-blue and features a red cape, miniskirt, and high-heeled boots; with a red letter "S" on a yellow field emblazoned on her chest.

She materialzed out of nowhere in August 1958 in response to Jimmy Olsen's wish on a magic Indian totem for a "super-girl" to appear as a fitting companion for Superman.

The newly arrived super-heroine was greatly inexperienced in the use of her super-powers.  In her last act of heroism, she courageously overexposed herself to Kryptonite while saving the life of Superman.  Mortally weakened, she prevailed upon Jimmy Olsen to use his magic totem to dispatch her back into the mysterious limbo from whence she came.

Super-Girl is not to be confused with Supergirl.

Appeared in Superman #123, August, 1958

Text on this page taken from The Great Superman Book © 1978 by Michael L. Fleisher.
Superman & Super-Girl are TM & © DC Comics.

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