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A mineral from Krypton which survived the destruction of the planet and seems to have some sort of electro-magnetic-like relationship with Kryptonians' super-powers.  It was discovered by Professor Barnett Winton in 1940.

Although similar to Kryptonite, K-Metal is different in many key ways.

According to the early chronicles, before Krypton was destroyed, life on that planet possessed strength far beyond that of Earth men.  When Superman, as an infant, still lived on Krypton—a planet of Super Men—like other natives, he derived great strength and powers from the planet itself.

After the destruction of Krypton, the remaining interstellar fragments, called K-Metal, instead weaken and remove the super-powers of any survivor of the doomed planet, like two poles of a short-circuited battery.

For a Kryptonian, close exposure and physical contact with K-Metal can lead to extreme weakness and unconciousness; possibly even a complete removal of all life-force.

Contrarily, K-Metal imparts a sense of well-being and vitality, along with super-powers, upon non-Kryptonian beings.

Thus, when Krypton existed, K-Metal granted super-powers to those Kryptonians who were on Krypton.  After the destruction of the planet, K-Metal would grant super-powers to native Earth men, but remove the powers of Kryptonians.


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