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"Energy can never be destroyed."
-- the first law of thermodynamics     
Pure Energy
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Superman: The Man of Energy

This article is about "Electric Blue Superman(1997)", not to be confused with Superman-Blue (1963)

In the spring of 1997, Superman becomes a being of pure energy, requiring a containment suit when wishing to remain focused as a human form.  The suit's look was designed by Professor Hamilton and Lois Lane.

Through maintained mental will, Superman is able to adopt a conventional human state in order to assume his secret identity of Clark Kent, but he has no powers when he does so.
"The mind is pure energy, that élan vital, or vital force, responsible for all evolution."
-- Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

In his energy state, Superman is slightly out of phase with this reality.  He is able to open portals to alternate dimensions; divide his consciousness into separate entities; absorb and translate energies from any one form (whether kinetic or potential) into any other; merge with computer and other electronic and electrical systems; control the forces of magnetism; and create a solid energy field.

Additionally, Superman is able to manipulate electrons, can render himself invisible and/or intangible, and can instantly teleport himself from one location to another.  He is able to visually detect the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including all light wavelengths (whether visible or not visible) and radiations.

His transition to an energy being is the natural result of his super-powered Kryptonian body absorbing extreme amounts of solar energies.  As an energy being, whether in his energy state or in his non-powered human form, the Man of Energy is not susceptible to the effects of any form of  kryptonite.

Superman Red and Superman Blue (1998),
not to be confused with Superman-Red and Superman-Blue (1963)

In December 1997, during a battle involving the Toyman, Superman, while in his energy form, is divided into two distinct energy forms—one red and one blue.  These two Supermen, although having slightly different personalities, have identical powers and are each able to assume a conventional identity as Clark Kent.

In the spring of 1998, "Superman Red" and "Superman Blue" merge into one Superman, who has his traditional powers, appearance, and physical state restored.

"Mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing." -- Albert Einstein

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