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Superman #400

Behind the Scenes

Elliot S! Maggin
- writer -

I was living up in northern New Hampshire at the time and was pretty much out of touch except by phone.  I called up artists, I worked out stories with them as well as with Julie Schwartz.  Al Williamson actually convinced us that he needed extra pages to spread out his segment a little.  Jim Steranko called and read his whole script over the phone to make sure it was all right.  (It was, in fact, all right.)  Everybody working on it got really excited, it seemed.

The marketing department at DC didn’t want to do so much as a house ad for it.  “The 45th anniversary?” this little turkey marketing wonk asked me.  “So then what’ll we do for the fiftieth?” she wanted to know.  Then it sold like oxygen tanks in Atlantis and they sent me a big royalty check, ignored the reorders and it sank out of sight.  If you’re a creative type, be very careful of companies driven by the marketing department; they’re in the habit of doing very little marketing because they’re too busy running the company.

- Elliot S! Maggin, 1997

Superman #400
 ·  Front Cover  ·  A Salute to Superman  ·  "The Living Legends of Superman!"  ·  Brian Bolland Pin-Up  ·  Jack Kirby Pin-Up  ·  "Doc Homer's Superman Nectar!"  ·  John Byrne Pin-Up  ·  Jack Davis Pin-Up  ·  "The Legend From Earth Prime!"  ·  Leonard Starr Pin-Up  ·  Walt Simonson Pin-Up  ·  "Resistance!"  ·  Bernie Wrightson Pin-Up  ·  "Our Greatest Treasure!"  ·  Will Eisner Pin-Up  ·  "Last Son of Krypton!"  ·  Steve Ditko Pin-Up  ·  Mike Grell Pin-Up  ·  "The Miracle Monday Dinner!"  ·  Moebius Pin-Up  ·  "The Exile at the Edge of Eternity!"  ·  Bill Sienkiewicz Pin-Up  ·  Jerry Robinson Pin-Up  ·  Back Cover  · 

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